Monday, January 8, 2018

Jesus Every Day: Prayers to Awaken Your SoulJesus Every Day: Prayers to Awaken Your Soul by Mary E. DeMuth
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I received this book during the holiday season, and honestly, I laid it aside. The holidays (Thanksgiving-Christmas) are difficult for me. I tend to be sad during these weeks that should be joyful. I lost 5 family members from Thanksgiving to Christmas just a handful of years ago and grief is such a tricky thing.

Having read Mary's past works, I knew this book would challenge me and stir me. And I didn't want to be challenged or stirred. I wanted to grieve in peace. Oh, my humanity! I made it through another holiday season and in putting the decorations away, I found this book that I'd promised to read and review. And I read the first 30 entries in one sitting. Oh that I could always remember that being challenged and stirred by His Word and grace is less painful than staying buried in my grief!

Mary writes with a clear voice-she writes as if she's simply sitting with you, sipping tea and talking to her best friend. Her words never fail to move me and this devotional is no exception. I'm weeping from reading Day 14 out loud to my husband.

A favorite thing about the book is that the entries aren't dated. You can start at any point in the year and be right on track.

I know this book will change lives-prayer lives will reach a new dimension as you pray these gripping words for yourself. Prepare to be challenged and changed!

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