Saturday, November 20, 2010


Just wanted to send out a big WELCOME to all my new readers!! 


you're here!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where in the world have I been??

I know! I know! I've been M.I.A the last several months! Life is crazy busy and the truth is, I haven't had a chance to do much decorating or anything else since we moved here to Orange Blossom Trail! Argh!!

Besides all the major things we've been dealing with...cancer (FIL), death (Aunt), illness (everyone!), etc. my very busy child turned 2 and she is a serious handful! She is now 28 months old and carries on adult conversations, complete with prepositions, etc. It's mind boggling. The other day, when I wouldn't let her have a band-aid for her non-existent injury, she said "But Mommy! I have a boo boo and it's stupendous!" I'm like, "What??" lol

So, my days are spent keeping up with my little one and not so much in doing things for myself or decorating my home, etc. 

This is the first year ever in all my over 17 years of marriage that I didn't decorate for Autumn! My most fave season of ALL. All my seasonal decor is still in storage! That really hurts my feelings. LOL

When we moved in, the living room and entry hall was an olive green. It wasn't bad. It was flat paint, which I do not like. Ever. So, I went out and bought the same shade in semi gloss or satin or whatever it was and I've lived with it for over 3 months now. I've decided I cannot. live. with. it. any. longer. It's NOT a bad color! I just have nothing to go with it and don't have the $$ or energy to buy/find/make decor that would go with it. SO. The "Dusty Trail" color I painted the kitchen is being carried into the living room and entry. I've got it trimmed out and want to finish it yesterday...but...when I did the trimming, it triggered allergies in said 28 month old so I have to wait until I have a day home alone. I don't know...maybe when she starts kindergarten I'll get it painted?? lol 

But, I'm motivated to get things in order because I insist on decorating for Christmas! If I can't dress up the house for fall, at least give me Christmas! ;)

Moving with a 2 year must be one of the hardest things I've ever done. It makes my brain hurt to even think about writing here about how difficult it's been, so I won't say another word about it.

Keep your fingers crossed for some work getting done around here, would ya??