Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scenes from a local Craft's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Free whimsical Christmas tag printables!

I LOVE free printables! I just happened across these adorable free Christmas tags and thought you might like them as well! Go here: The Black Apple

Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm a guest blogger!

Thanks to Facebook, I've been able to reconnect with old friends from school. I love that!! How fun is it to catch up on the years we missed, "meet" their children, etc.

One of the friends I've reconnected with is Angie. She's a beautiful woman, inside and out, has a beautiful family and loves God!

She recently asked me to be a guest blogger for her inspiring blog the front porch. I hope you'll swing by for a few minutes and enjoy the view from the front porch!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catching Up

So often, I think about sitting down and updating my blog, but...something always gets in the way. Most often, it's exhaustion or my 3 year old. LOL

This has been such a difficult year for our family. We lost 5 family members in 7 months, including my father-in-law at the end of May. He fought a great battle in the war on prostate cancer, but God called him home. Every single family member we've lost has left a void in our lives that at times, has felt too great to overcome.

We moved here in the summer of 2010 to help care for my father in law. My house remains undecorated for the most part...unpacked...a bit unsettled. Little by little, I'm getting my mojo back and can't wait to make this house a home!

My baby girl turned 3 in July and is now attending preschool and just thriving. She is doing great!

In Sept. & Oct. my mom was in the ER 5 times and hospitalized for about 2 weeks or so total, then went to a nursing home. She is battling emphysema. She is back home now and we're hoping she'll get stronger and live a full life.

Life goes on...and God is still good! Hope to catch up with all of you ASAP!! Hugs to each of you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOW! Life has been busy on Orange Blossom Trail!! Since my last post, I've had surgery, my FIL has had surgery, my mom has been in the hospital, my baby has been sick, my MIL is having surgery tomorrow....and the list goes on!! Shew! (as my friend from KY likes to say) Thought I'd take a breather and share some goodies I got recently!

One day last week I was able to slip away for an hour and I went to the Christmas Tree Shops. Weird name for a store that carries everything! LOL Anyway, I scored some awesome deals!!

My first steal was a welcome mat with our last initial on it. I've wanted one for eons but refuse to pay $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond for one. The rugs below are the ones at BB & B. The rug itself is $20 and the black mat frame is another $20...gulp. Not interested in paying $40 for something that will be out in the elements all year!

Here's my rug from the Christmas Tree Shops:

Did I mention the price? No?? I'm so sorry! It was $5.99!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! The black mat frame was $9.99 and I plan to go back and get one soon. $5.99. I love saying $5.99 instead of $19.99!!

Here's the "nice" rug the previous owners left us:

And here's my new $5.99 "P" rug!!

I think the mat that goes under the rug will be awesome too! The topiary thingy I got from HomeGoods last year.

My next steal that day were these vinyl cling things. They came in a huge package (16 X 26) for $1.29. Yep! A BUCK TWENTY-NINE! So, I had to buy 3! They had tons more to choose from, but these are the 3 I bought: 
 Then, on a clearance end cap, I found these nifty white plates for 97 cents each!

 The yellow tags say "As is". The only thing wrong with the plates were a couple raised bubbles in the surface. No big deal!

I washed the plates real good then had the hard task of choosing which vinyl things I wanted to use first. I decided to go with the Faith Hope and Love clings from one package. Although each cling is precut, I trimmed each one down just a bit and put one on each of the plates. The end result:

They are just leaning on my as yet undecorated fireplace mantle, but I want to get some plate hangers and hang these babies up! I see a couple of air bubbles in them too that I need to smooth out. The grand total for all 3 plates is way less than $4!!

Needless to say, I've been scouting my stash of stuff to use the other vinyl things on!! Nothing is safe if it has a smooth surface! LOL

Hopefully I won't be so long in between posts this time! Happy Spring!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm stumped!

My living room walls are still bare! My dining room walls are bare! My entry way walls are bare! I've never had this much trouble deciding on decor before!! HELP! lol

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! If you're anything like me, you enjoy the holidays but are glad they are over and things are back to normal!

I'm anxious to make some headway in our home as far as decorating goes. All our decor is stored in my in-law's RV...I went there recently to get some things out & my uncle had concocted a rope across the top of the RV down through the door handle and on down to the steps and tied a bunch of knots...I guess he thought someone might steal my stuff? Anyway, thanks to the nasty weather we've had throughout Dec & January, the rope was frozen solid and wouldn't budge. SO. Come on spring! lol

I'm hoping to get out and hit some after-the-holidays sales...not for holiday decor but home decor. I'm sure the new stuff for spring is out and the "old" stuff is marked least I can hope, huh? lol

The month of Dec. and up through today has found us with almost 2 feet of snow here just north of Indy. The frigid temps and high winds have left me hibernating!

Here's a small glimpse of my 2 year old's room decor...

 I painted a couple large trees on her walls. Her bedding is bright and cheery with birds, birdhouses, etc. 

 The things on top of her dresser...I'll show pix of her dresser as soon as I get the drawer knobs on it!

Her growth chart. I need to put the light switchplate back on! lol

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of what we've been up to!