Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We're moving! We've bought a house on Orange Blossom Trail in Indianapolis! 

This house is so different from the other houses we've owned! For one, it's a two story house. Secondly, our previous home sat on 5.5 acres of wooded, gently rolling hills a quarter of a mile off the road. Our new house on Orange Blossom is in a subdivision. Picture perfect suburbia! lol

The house really is move in ready, but I've decided to change some of the wall colors. Because we sold our last house so quickly (12 days!), we are in a short-term lease apartment and don't have to be out until the end of June. Soooooo.......we're taking our time and getting things just right...well, almost just right, before we move in.

All with a 23 month old baby girl in tow. A very, very busy baby girl I fondly refer to as a tornado. Seriously. LOL

I'll hope you'll follow along as we set up home-keeping on Orange Blossom! I'm nervous/excited about "dipping my decorating toe" in a new decor style. My previous two homes were very primitive/colonial/country. Never thought I'd get away from that style, but alas, I have. I think.

Our previous home sat at the top of this beautiful drive-way!

Our new house sits right on the road! lol
Part of our old yard. It took about 2 hours to mow with a 6 ft. wide zero-turn mower.
Our new yard can be push-mowed in less than 30 minutes.

Even with the drastic changes in store for us, we are thrilled with our new house! I hope you'll follow along as we make it our HOME!

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