Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What would you do??

Last summer, a few weeks before my father-in-law passed away, we were able to go back to my hubby's empty childhood home and go through the house and farm grounds one more time. 
Our little one on the side porch of my Hubby's abandoned childhood home. 

While in the house, with the aid of flashlights, we were able to find the baby clothes his Mama and Dad brought him home in from the hospital in 1970, as well as his baby blanket. We found his old Jenny Lind crib, lots of his books and his desk! 
Daddy & Ryleigh loading up his baby crib!

And the desk!

This desk was "the" place my school-loving-husband-to-be did his homework all the way through high school! We lugged this desk home...not having any clue where we'd put it, etc. Well, a year later, I finally drug it out of the massive storage room that most people call Dining Room and I sat it in the kitchen. We have a huge kitchen and the desk fits perfectly. 

My problem is this: do I leave the desk as is or do I refinish it? When we were dragging it out of the super-hot-dusty-old-farmhouse last year, I mentioned refinishing it, but Hubby said, "Oh I don't know. I like it as is!"

Of course, we were looking at it through 20+ years of DUST. Major dust. Now that I have it washed off, all the yucky-ness major wear shows. Now, I'm all about being sentimental. Years ago, according to my counselor, because of my childhood trauma, I now assign "feelings and emotions" to non-living things. Like...I'm devastated for the last Christmas tree in the lot that didn't get chosen or at the end of Autumn, Hubby has to throw our outdoor pumpkins away because I can't bear to do it...that sort of thing. I can relate to being "not important" enough to be chosen or to being tossed away/aside. Before you feel sorry for me or think I'm too strange, God has brought me much healing and I do believe that I was the one who through the pumpkins away last year. ;-) The fact that they were terribly moldy might have had something to do with

I'm posting some pix here of the desk in all its glory. It truly looks much worse in person. lol What would you do? Leave it as is? Refinish it? Throw it away?

See all the pencil marks my hubby made on this poor desk sometime in the late 70's or 1980's?? (I kind of don't mind the pencil marks)



Middle Top

I'm really sorry my pix aren't that great...cell phone, ya know? So, let me know what you would do! I can't wait to hear!

And this isn't all we brought home! Stayed tuned for more posts!


  1. What a treasure! I would refinish it. Your husband has fond memories and it would be a great piece for your daughter to use in the future.

  2. I'm thinking "refinish" too. I had lots of comments on my Facebook post and every single one said to refinish too. My poor hubby! ;)